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There have been extraordinary advances in dental research and techniques over the past several decades. Advances have been made in areas such as anesthesia, cosmetic dentistry, infection prevention and preventive care.

Dentists are usually required to take part in yearly continuing education in order to keep their licenses in most states. But advances in technique and continued education classes don’t necessarily mean that your current dentist provides Advanced Dental Care. Advanced Dental Care means, not just reading and learning about advances, but using them in everyday practice.

At Dr. Carey V. Lasley, advances in dental research and techniques are used in office and not just discussed in educational courses. This is why our Olympia WA dental office is at the forefront of advanced dental procedures.

TMJ Treatments

picture of jaw anotomyTMJ stands for temporal-mandibular joint. Temporal, as in temple area of skull; mandibular as in mandible, or lower jaw; joint as in it’s where the head and jaw meet. Problems in this joint may be caused by a misalignment of the teeth, trauma, or excess muscle tension. Aside from the two bones that meet there, cartilage buffers them and five muscles are involved in the area. If something goes wrong a good deal of trouble can result.

Problems in this area can cause:
Trouble/soreness in opening and closing the mouth
Clicking or popping of the jaw
Pain in the jaw muscles
Soreness in the area, sometimes extending to the face

Dental treatments for the condition can include replacing missing teeth, moving teeth, adjusting the bite, filling gaps between teeth, etc. There is no one solution that is right for all cases. Sometimes a plastic mouthpiece is used to prevent clenching or grinding that is contributing to the problem. If untreated and taken to extremes, surgery may be required to repair a badly damaged joint.

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